AFC-6610000 #1

Dual Pedal Rev. Swing Mnt. 6.25: 1 Ratio


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Pedal Assembly - BRAKE/CLUTCH - 6.25 to 1 Ratio - Reverse Swing Mount - Balance Bar - Aluminum - Black - Universal - Each



These forged aluminum reverse mount pedals from Afco are top of the line in terms of quality and performance.  They feature ultra-strong upper mounts, a new rounded clevis design to prevent bias-bar lock-up at extreme limits of travel, and integral bias bearing stops to prevent lock-up when adjusting bias.
  • H-Beam forged aluminum pedal design
  • Ultra-strong upper mount has 52% less flex than the competition
  • Exclusive bias "tie-bar" adds strength and sets clevis spacing for proper master cylinder function
  • Ultra high strength bias bar; same strength of 7/16 bias bar in the traditional 3/8 size
  • Internal hex in bias bar eases bias set up
  • Four 1/4-20 auxiliary mounting posts for added rigidity
  • Extra coarse, industrial grade anti-skid foot pads
  • 4.36 lbs
  • 6.25:1 pedal ratio

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